Passive Programming

  • Animal Adaptationsby Angela Critics
    • Three activities including Spot the Hidden Animal (Animal Camoflauge images), What's My Adaptation visual game, and Create Your Own Animal activity.
  • Bulletin board displays with S.T.E.M. themes can be paired with activity sheets or crafts for children and parents to do together. For example: Animal Identification.
  • Butterflies by Nicole Wilson
  • Carrot tops - experiment of the week. Carrot tops in water on shelves near the desk so can watch them sprout
  • Crystal Garden - children stop by to check the progress:
  • Dice Games by Sandra Wilkerson
  • Guess the Plants by Vivienne Khan
  • Magnetic Sea Life Sand Table - Children love making the animals "swim" through the blue sand using the magnets, and of course they learn to identify all of the animals. It's a great early introduction to magnetism and ocean life.
  • Puzzles!
  • Restroom Display by Judy Nelson
  • Summer Science Adventure - Adapt your Summer Reading Program to include Science components. Click on the link for Ideas and downloadable, adaptable materials.
  • Women in Science by Susan Anderson-Newham