S.T.E.M. for Preschoolers

Many of the activities we already use in Storytime and Preschool Programs include S.T.E.M. concepts. Whether it's counting rhymes or activities about farm animals, you're probably already off to a good start. Here are some ideas of programs you can adapt to your library. Some of these ideas were created for an online class and may not have been tested on actual preschoolers. Your mileage may vary.

General Programs

S.T.E.M. in Storytime

Materials for implementing STEM programs:

  • Ramps - gravity, slope, construction, system design,
  • Wind Tunnel - mass, air drag, gravity, ratios, aerodynamics
  • Sand Bags - foundation support, mass, build material,
  • Rubber Ramps - momentum, gravity, slope, cyntrifical force